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Custom Stationery Sale!

We're launching our new custom stationery!  We are so excited, and think you'll love these too.  Stationery sets come in two styles: Set one includes two notepads (100 pages total), three to-do lists (150 pages total), and sixteen gorgeous notecards.  You select the font styling and notecard patterns! Set two includes two notepads (100 pages total), sixteen notecards, and sixteen envelopes.  Font styling and notecard patterns are your choice! Why stationery?  We love handwritten notes, love letters, thank you cards, and thoughtful invitations.  We know it's easier to jot a grocery list on a handy list-pad and dash to the...

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Just Add Color!

color organization planner peek

Rochelle, our "master planner," wrote this post, giving us a little peek into her amazing organizational skills! I love to plan and organize every little detail of my day by using color coding systems. Being very visual, color coding gives me a quick way to see what my week is going to consist of.  How its done:  At the start of each month I create a key to match my daily categories with my colored pens. My top categories include my work schedule, workout classes, important appointments, social activities, and client meetings. I always make sure to use colors that...

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Why Start a Planner Company?

Store news

We have full-time jobs running a successful graphic design and printing company.  We have busy personal why start another business?  Well...each of us had experiences with other company's planners, and we all came away unsatisfied.  The formats didn't fit with our needs.  The quality was not as good as we had expected.  The price was too high!  The graphic design was lacking.  The customer service was poor.  The production time was too long. We knew we could do better while sticking to our core values - exceeding expectations, protecting the environment, and offering exceptional service at a fair price. ...

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Welcome to Practical Paper!


We are so glad you've stopped by!  We make beautiful, high-quality, custom planners and notebooks.  Our goal is to make your life easier with well-made products that fit your personal style.  We strive to offer more options, more styles, and the best customer service you will ever experience!  Plus, shipping is always FREE with Practical Paper. We are graphic designers AND printers.  We have the knowledge and capabilities to offer the best planners and notebooks available today.  With hundreds of options, and more to come, we're excited to help you live your best life! In our blog, we'll be sharing...

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