A Message to Our Jane.com Customers

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Happy Holidays from Practical Paper Company! 

We are thrilled to have you as a customer.  Our 30% off holiday sale is live right now - click here to use code HOLLY23 on our website!

Many of you found us through our relationship with the discount site Jane.com.  We have been sellers there since 2015!  Jane.com hosted our sales, collected payment for those sales, and sent us the orders to fulfill.  After we fulfilled those orders, we received a portion of the original purchase price, minus their commission and processing fees.  For many years this was a great relationship.

Unfortunately, on Friday, November 17th, Jane.com suddenly, and with no warning to sellers, closed down completely.  We had already received and fulfilled orders placed on or before November 8th, although we have not been paid for many of those orders.  We had begun work on fulfillment for orders placed on or after November 9th.  If you ordered on or after November 9th, you will receive a personal email about your order status.

Everything we sold on Jane.com is available on our own website with even more options and features to choose from!  Shop at PracticalPaperCo.com for all the products you've come to love, every day!

We are a small business and we love what we do.  We take care of each customer just like family, because to us you ARE family!  We know you loved the sales on Jane, and we hope you'll keep coming back to PracticalPaperCo.com for more Practical Paper Company products.  Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss our amazing discounts.

Thank You

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