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Practical Paper Company was started out of a desire to use our graphic design and printing skills to help people lead better lives.  We are just as passionate about making a difference as we are about paper and pens.  The guiding principle of our work is our unwavering dedication to making others' lives better!
Practical Paper planners and notebooks are thoughtfully-designed to allow you to make the most of each day.  Whether you prefer a page for each day or a simple lined notebook, we hand craft each planner to order just for you!  Because we are designers AND printers, we are with your planner for every step of production.  We can ensure quality from start to finish.  We guarantee you'll love your Practical Paper planner, or we'll take it back!

Here's our fabulous team:

The List Maker

Amy has a LOT of appointments, but likes to organize her work primarily by to-do lists, which she re-writes regularly in her monthly planner.  Amy designed the Brooklyn planner in collaboration with her working-mom sister!

The Artist

Hollie's planner is a artwork in progress!  Her tools - washi tape, colored pens, paint pens, and creativity!  Hollie designed the Sydney planner format.  Her planner of choice is a weekly layout.

The Master

Rochelle is a true organizational expert.  Her planner is a color-coded, tape-flagged inspiration!  Rochelle designed the Austin planner format.  She uses a weekly planner to stay on track.

The Student

Taylor is a very busy bee and uses the Brooklyn Weekly layout to balance work and the life of a college student.  Her planner is used to manage everything from classes to assignments to get-togethers and trips!