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Shop Highlight

We are so excited to start our Shop Highlight series with the very talented owners of LTL Print House.  Their designs are fresh, modern, and have a spontaneous, beautiful feel.  LTL Print House creations are hand-drawn and produced with a lot of love.  Read on to learn about this amazing sticker studio -PLUS- they've shared a very special coupon code with us...use code PPC15 to save 15% on the gorgeous designs in their shop!

Welcome to the blog!  Let's get to know each other...

Our names are Lisa, Tina and Lam and together we are LTL Print House -a family owned small business shop specializing in exclusive, original hand drawn sticker designs.  If you didn’t catch that, LTL stands for Lisa, Tina and Lam.  

⁣⁣The 3 of us are very like minded when it comes to our creative processes and business strategies, so it made perfect sense to come together as a family unit to create classic sticker designs for those who desire a one-of-a-kind illustration.  
⁣⁣LTL owner photos and bios

The greatest connection we share though is our love for creativity and stickers!  Together we inspire to make and create all things beautiful.  We are family first and always!⁣

Tell us more about your business and where you started!

Our business made its debut on Instagram last year in October 2021.  With the pandemic happening, we had some free time to connect a bit more which allowed our creative wheels to start spinning.  Knowing that Lam’s artwork needed to be put out in the world and Tina already having carved out a nice presence in the planner community presented the opportunity for us to run a business together while maintaining our already busy lives.

Small Biz Big Heart Sticker in Planner

What is your biggest success so far?

We released our Signature Collection and were overwhelmed with how many orders we brought in.  Also, we have expanded to include a team representing our business.  We call them LTL Print House Creatives and they have really helped us to grow our small business.  Special shoutout to An, Angela, Emily, Natalie and Stephanie!

LTL Signature Collection

As people who are passionate about planners and planning, how do you integrate planning into your business?

We all use our planners which definitely help to keep us organized!  Tina uses a monthly overview to track release dates, meetings and reminders for the team.  She also uses a weekly planner for overall social media planning such as daily task lists and content ideas. 

Note from Practical Paper Co.: Seriously, these stickers are so gorgeous!  We are in love.  Don't forget you can use code PPC15 to save 15% when you order from their shop!

What does a day in your business life look like?

Because this is a family owned business, it has quickly become part of our daily lives. We have a group text that we use to share info and ideas. Tina does a check in with Social Media each day and Lisa checks orders to see if any stickers need to be processed and mailed out. And Lam is constantly thinking of new designs based on the current trends.

LTL Spring Magic Collection

  Running a business is all about the details.  How do you keep track of all the little tasks and to-do items, especially since you coordinate between the three of you?

We schedule FaceTime meetings regularly to discuss all things LTL Print House.  All three of us are like minded and committed to this business venture. We all have our own set of responsibilities and are always ready and willing to help each other out. We want to keep it fun, rewarding, profitable and fulfilling. Having one another to lean on makes it easy.

To do list with stickers and washi

Growing a business takes a combination of risk and goal-setting.  How do you set and track goals to move your company forward?

Initially while developing this small family business, we set short and long term goals for us. We analyze those goals periodically to determine what has worked and what hasn’t.  Having our family’s support and confidence in what we are doing is also a driving force for us.

Where can our customers find your products?

You can find our products in our Etsy shop.
You can also find us on Instagram @LTLPrintHouse

Planner with LTL Print House Logo

LTL Print House has generously supplied Practical Paper Co. customers with code PPC15 to save 15% on all their beautiful products!  Hurry, the code is available for a limited time, so stock up now!

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