How eco-friendly are your planners and stationery?

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Have you ever wondered if your planner is environmentally good or bad?  Look no further than Practical Paper Company! We are passionate about creating great products that help you improve your life without causing harm elsewhere!

First off, let's talk paper. Our paper is proudly made right here in North America, sourced from family-owned tree farms. None of that jet-setting across the globe, guzzling fuel and racking up carbon emissions. Nope, our paper takes a short jaunt from the tree farm to our printers, saving resources and reducing our carbon footprint.

Now, here's the real kicker – those family-owned tree farms aren't just pretty landscapes. They're carbon-sequestering powerhouses, boosting soil health, providing local jobs, and safeguarding waterways. Take that, overseas paper mills! Our North American roots mean we're not just making pretty planners, we're nurturing our environment too.

You may be wondering if recycled paper would be better.  This can get complicated, but most recycled paper is produced overseas.  That means the recyclable material used for the paper is first shipped to an overseas mill, which uses fuel.  Then that material is chemically-treated to remove print and enhance whiteness, a process that is water-intensive and creates a lot of toxic by-products.  Once it's remade into paper, that paper has to be shipped back to the US for us to use it, using even more fuel.  We are very committed to keeping our materials and products as locally-produced as possible while keeping our environmental footprint small.  Using virgin paper from tree farms significantly reduces the footprint of our products while supporting family farms, taking care of our air and water, and creating great jobs.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop at paper. Even our planner coils are crafted by a family-owned business in sunny California. It's all about supporting local economies and reducing our environmental impact every step of the way.

Other planner and stationery companies frequently have overstock sales to get rid of excess inventory.  Ever wonder about all those wasted prints and excess stock?   Many of those companies actually have their interior pages printed in bulk overseas.  While that saves them money, it isn't great for the environment or for local jobs, and can quickly create excess inventory that gets thrown away.  Not here! We print each order on demand right here in Arizona, slashing unnecessary waste and ensuring every planner finds its perfect home without leaving a trail of unused paper in its wake.

And let's talk about design. Our products are engineered to waste as little paper as possible during production. Plus, our frost planner and notebook covers? Recyclable. Nearly every component of every product we make is recyclable. We're not just making stationery – we're creating a cycle of sustainability.

So, whether you're jotting down your dreams, scheduling your day, or doodling your heart out, do it with a clear conscience and a Practical Paper planner in hand. Because saving the planet never looked so good!

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