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Brooklyn Planner Options

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The Brooklyn planner style is offered in four formats - one daily options, two weekly and one monthly layout.  Planners are 7.5" x 9" with a heavy-duty, brushed silver, spiral binding and ultra-thick frosted cover.  All planners include laminated tabs and a tear-proof pocket.

The Brooklyn Daily includes an hourly schedule, broken into 15-minute increments, spanning from 8am to 6pm, room to check off your daily tasks, and space for notes.  Due to the number of pages, daily planners come in six month spans.
The Brooklyn Weekly displays your entire week at a glance, with each day divided into morning and evening.
The Brooklyn Weekly Two includes the entire week on the left page, plus a generous space for notes and tasks on the right.
The Brooklyn Monthly displays your entire month, followed by a generous supply of notes pages for each month.