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With school quickly approaching, we want to take time to thank all the teachers who are getting ready for a successful year, even though it may look a little different. We want teachers to start their year with the best tools possible and we believe the Practical Paper Teacher Planner is just that. This planner is designed by teachers, for teachers to give an all-in-one experience. Kindergarten teacher Rebecca Owens has been using the Practical Paper Teacher Planner for a year now and it has revolutionized the way she organizes her classroom. Rebecca shared her story with us to help other teachers out there get the most out of their organizers.

How Rebecca Uses the Teacher Planner
The teacher planner is designed to be useable for a plethora of different scenarios. Rebecca’s uses of the planner show exactly that. She uses the planner for many aspects of her daily teaching life. Some of these aspects include, taking notes for all her meetings, keeping track of the dialogue she has with parents, using it for seating chart arrangements, documenting important dates and deadlines, having easy access to her gradebook, knowing student’s transportation schedule, keeping track of student birthdays and so much more. Rebecca takes her planner with her everywhere she goes because the planner has all aspects of her school day.

How the Teacher Planner Makes Rebecca’s Life Easier
The benefit of having all aspects of her school day compiled into one planner, makes Rebecca’s life so much easier and more organized.
Rebecca says, “I kept a calendar, a gradebook, a lesson plan book, a parent contact log, a meeting notebook, a transportation log and a communication log all separate. Now they are all in one! Before darting out to a meeting or conference I don't have to stop and think...‘Which notebook or documentation log do I need for THIS meeting?’ I could just grab my planner and a pen and GO!”
The best part of owning the teacher planner is that it can eliminate all the clutter of having multiple different planners, notebooks and calendars.

Rebecca also notes that the teacher planner was really effective when adjusting to the new school schedule once the year had changed due to Covid-19. When working from home, the planner came in really handy for Rebecca. She said, “I was able to list activities I had posted, contacts I had made, professional development I was able to complete online.” Having one-stop accesses to all the information you need is really helpful when life changes quickly.  

If you want to learn more out about the Practical Paper Teacher Planner click here!  We are wishing all of our teachers, students and parents a safe return to school and we hope this is a wonderful year for you!

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